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Come and join us in the biggest and vibrant LGBT+ festival Northumberland has ever seen!

Northumberland Pride are delighted to announce details of the Northumberland Pride Festival 2022 will take place at Meggies Burn, Links Road, Blyth on Saturday 27th August 2022 12.30pm – 9pm & Sunday 28th August 2022 1pm-6pm

This year we have all the favourites such as Parade, Main Stage, Fun Fair, Health Zone, VIP Area, Family & Youth Zone, Mental Health Hub, Over 100 market stalls and so much more. We have over 9,900 tickets available.

We have a limited amount of market stalls available and an early bird until 01/01/2022. If you would like to promote your organisation with pride, have the opportunity to trade reaching an audience of nearly 10,000 people or become a food vendor please fill out the form below.

Declaration: By signing above, you confirm you are authorised to submit an application for a Northumberland Pride Market Stall on behalf of your organisation. You agree that the information supplied is a true and accurate description of your organisation. Northumberland Pride will issue an invoice if required which must be paid by the due date, if full payment is not received we reserve the right to charge a 10% administration fee. If you choose to pay by Stripe, your payment should be made once your application has been made. Cash payments will not be accepted. Closing dates for applications is 01/06/2022. If we reach the maximum number of stalls, this could close much sooner. Northumberland Pride reserve the right to cancel your application if you do not meet the terms and conditions. Market Stall Terms and Conditions: Market stall bookings are made in accordance with these terms and conditions and cannot be changed. Northumberland Pride Limited t/a Northumberland Pride is a Company Limited by Guarantee no. 11326518 and registered charity in England and Wales no.1176263. Registered Office: Northumberland Pride, Pride Media Centre Unit T1, Stonehills, Shields Road, Pelaw, Gateshead, Tyne And Wear, England, NE10 0HW Booking, Payment and Cancellation 1. If you book a stall by 01/01/2022, you will receive a £74 discount off a full price stall within your category. After this date you will be charged at the standard rate. If booking and full payment is not received by the deadline stated above, the discount will be removed and the standard rate will be charged. 2. The deadline for bookings is 01/06/2022. We recommend early booking as there are limited spaces and space cannot be guaranteed. Applications received after 01/08/2021 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 3. The stall booking fee will not be returned to you and is non-refundable. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel Northumberland Pride 2022, we cannot be held responsible for any loss. 4. Bookings are considered confirmed when paid in full unless a food vendor booking or customised quote. Your Stall 1. Inappropriate material is not allowed. You should make sure all items on your stall are appropriate and the decision of the committee is final. 2. The selling of alcohol is prohibited at Northumberland Pride. Anyone caught selling or supplying alcohol will be removed from the site. 3. Selling food or drink is strictly prohibited unless permission is given by the committee, this also includes prizes. This does not include the promotion of food or drink. 4. We forbid the sale of alcohol or drugs i.e. poppers (including as prizes) and weapons, including, but not limited to, guns and knives. Attempting to sell these items may result in ejection from the event and police being informed. 5. Our event is community driven and is also marketed at families. We will not consider an application for stalls that market adult classified products. 6. The collection of monies is at the discretion of the committee and as such a request must be made as part of this application but may be rejected. 7. Promotion outside your allocated stall/pitch is not allowed, without prior agreement of the committee. Promotion or fundraising around the site may result in you being ejected you’re your stall/pitch. You must not exceed your stall perimeters or encroach onto the stall on either side or into the aisles. If you do so, you will be asked to move. 8. Northumberland Pride cannot accept any liability for injury, personal or business loss that occurs as a result of your attendance of this event. 9. An information pack, including your stall location will be sent by email only to the address you supply no later than to you 2 weeks before the event. 10. All stall holders or food vendors confirm that they hold at least £5 million public liability insurance, valid throughout their participation and attendance at the event. You should provide a photocopy of your insurance policy with this application. If you bring a structure, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer that the structure has been erected by a person trained to do so and in accordance with the manufactures specifications. 11. All contractors shall indemnify and keep Northumberland Pride and venue owners and their employees, expenses and liabilities arising out or in connection with death or injury or person (other than where occasioned by the negligence of Northumberland Pride or the Venue owner) or Damage to or loss of any property arising out of the contractors participation in or attendance at the event. 12. You must contact us if you propose to use electricity, generators, flammable materials or any potentially dangerous materials. 13. Stallholder site information will be supplied on the day. Timings 1. The provisional event opening times to the public will be 27/08/2022 12.30pm - 9.00pm. 28/08/2022 1pm-6pm 2. You will be allocated a time to set up your stall which will be included in your information pack. 3. Upon arrival please report to a steward to register your arrival before continuing to set up your stall on the site to ensure you are directed to your allocated pitch. 4. You MUST ensure that you keep your stall staffed and open until public times of the event has finished. Vehicles 1. You may be able to bring one car or small van on site to unload and will be given a specified time for this. If your vehicle is still in the public area after this time then a penalty of £200 will be applied by Northumberland Pride so it can be removed. 2. There is only one entrance and one exit for vehicles which will be specified in your information pack. 3. If bringing a vehicle onto the site you will be asked to provide a driver’s mobile phone number and the license plate will be recorded. Please comply with the 5mph speed limit, do not obstruct other traffic and avoid driving on grass and follow the direction of stewards at all times. 4. There will be no vehicle movement on site during the public access to the event. All movement times will be available closer to the event date. (traffic restrictions will only be lifted when it is safe to do so). 5. Northumberland Pride is unable to provide allocated parking at this event although limited onsite parking is available. 6. Northumberland Pride or the Venue Owners will take no liability for damage to any vehicles. We do still advise you to park cars offsite where ever possible or to use public transport. 7. We ask that stall holders do not bring large vehicles e.g. lorries into the market area as this will block access for other stall holders/performers. An access route must be kept clear at all times for emergency service. If you are asked to move your vehicle by a steward please do so immediately. During the event 1. Please help us to keep our site safe and clean by ensuring displays or exhibitions you bring are safe and are not a risk to the general public. This includes ensuring that there are no trip hazards, equipment or hazardous materials. 2. Whilst on our site, all staff and contactors must comply with statutory and other requirements that relate to their, including structural regulations, health & safety law and fire prevention precautions. 3. Any waste should be disposed of appropriately either by taking it with you, or leave it tidily tied in bin bags. You will be charged £200 for littering if you do not. 4. All food vendors must produce hygiene certificates and scorecard information in advance.

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