Later Life

Later Life

Being an older LGBT person isn’t always easy – research from the International Longevity Centre UK  showed that they face higher rates of loneliness and ill health, as well as facing prejudice and misunderstanding around their identity when they access health and social care. Stonewalls 2011 report* showed that lesbian, gay and bi people over 55 are more likely to be single and live alone, and less likely to have children or regularly see family members, than their straight counterparts.

At Northumberland Pride, we want to support all LGBT people, no matter their age or the problems they’re facing. We’ve put together the following list of resources, groups and organisations that can provide you with support, advice, and social connections. We hope you find them helpful.

Practical advice can be found through the following links:

Stonewalls page on pensions.

Stonewalls on wills and leaving a legacy in support of Stonewall.

Social groups:

Here’s just a small selection of organisations focused on supporting people over 50:

The Diversity Trust provide ‘Care Under the Rainbow’ online learning materials and films for making care homes more inclusive for older LGBT+ people in England and Wales. 

Age UK provide support for LGBT people across the UK.  

MeetUps is a directory of local groups and activities close to where you are.

You can find more local groups and organisations through Stonewall’s online database What’s In My Area.

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