LGBT+ Aspire Fund

Northumberland Pride have created the LGBT+ Aspire Fund, as a direct result of charging for Northumberland Pride 2021.

The fund will provide grants to LGBT+ groups, individuals and organisations in Northumberland and beyond to support them with their projects.

Initial donations to the fund will come from ticket sales however we welcome support from businesses, individuals and groups who can support us in our mission to properly fund LGBT+ projects for our communities.

Darren Irvine-Duffy, Chair of Northumberland Pride said

“Fundraising has always been a core element of pride organisations. As we progress Pride in our county, we needed to find new ways to support LGBT+ people across the county and beyond to fulfill their objectives that other funders don’t.

We commit to donate at least £1 per full ticket sale to the LGBT+ Aspire Fund, providing Northumberland Pride with a purpose.”

We aim to launch the fund in the Winter of 2021, for more information please visit our website and follow us on social media



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