Back in July 2017 I attended Northern Pride representing Sodexo and HMP Northumberland. From that I made a comment saying Northumberland really could use a Pride event, or a LGBT visibility.

Fast forward a few weeks and we had established a core committee and were making plans to hold the very first Northumberland Pride.

I am the LGBT Lead for both staff and residents at HMP Northumberland. I am a member of both the Sodexo Pride Network, and establishment contact for PiPP (Pride in Prison & Probation).

Over the past 12 months we have established a resident LGBT Group and have regular events and celebrate various festivals and significant days (Trans Day of Remembrance, International Day Against Homophobia, etc.)

Chairing a committee is very new to me, and it is definitely a learning curve; but am loving the challenge (most of the time!)

I am an Auditor/Administrator at HMP Northumberland, and have worked there for over 15 years in various departments.

I love live music and am a HUGE Celine Dion fan (No laughter!!!!). Also a big fan of musical theatre, travelling and food. Food is always high on my priority list, and love nothing better than a nice meal with good friends.

This is one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on, and am so proud to be a part of it. We have an amazing dedicated committee who can’t wait to get LGBT visibility and equality into Northumberland.

As Treasurer, I am responsible for all aspects of finance, working closely with other members of the management committee to safeguard Northumberland Pride including funding and fundraising.

I am involved in all parts of Northumberland Pride and as a Trustee I get involved in all aspects of the planning and organisation of everything we do.

I have held various roles over the past 11 years in the voluntary, private and public sectors, including being on management committees of charities. I have a keen interest in equality & diversity and the development of LGBT+ rights in our region and internationally

I am a civil servant.

I love to travel and really enjoy learning about culture whilst my favourite music is RnB.

A real opportunity to bring communities together at a local level, raise awareness and support one another as one.

As an LGBT+ ally, I’m actively involved in promoting Northumberland Pride to the wider community. At our Community Engagement events I’ve enjoyed speaking about “Straight Privilege”. The role of an ally is very much about promoting understanding and equality: encouraging people to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

Social Inclusion has always been close to my heart. I was raised with strong values and believe everyone is of equal worth. Yet I also have far too much personal experience of seeing LGBT+ friends and neighbours suffering discrimination. Misunderstanding, rejection, oppression. As a member of the “privileged” group, I speak up when I see misunderstanding or unfair treatment. I think it’s incredibly powerful when the privileged group joins in the mission to improve things for everyone!

A Probation Officer by training, I’ve worked in prison and in the community, in Drug Treatment services, homelessness services, and with children in residential care. Spending this time with people marginalised by society brought it home to me just how unfair life can be. So I packed in the day job to go grass roots – I’m now happily deployed as a foster carer. I also renovate properties every now and then, I love a good project.

I’m a core member of Sanctuary Network Morpeth, an informal group providing support to refugees and asylum seekers living in Northumberland. We do fundraisers, put on children’s parties, provide clothing and household goods, and now fund a weekly drop-in.

I regularly volunteer at Sunday Assembly Newcastle. I’m often on welcoming duty, and I enjoy snaffling the tea and cakes afterwards.
Most of all I love keeping chickens! They hardly ever lay an egg. It really doesn’t matter, I get a lot of joy from watching them Just Being Chickens.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get my home county of Northumberland on the map for LGBT+ inclusion. An opportunity to change hearts and minds. Let’s do this!

As the Vice-Chair it is my role to support our Founder and Chair Lorna in the running of the committee. I am also the lead of the Northumberland Pride Trans Network and provide advice and support to the committee on Trans related issues. I also engage with community and voluntary organisations as well as statutory bodies to provide advice and LGBT+ training.

I have been a Trans activist for two years. I am a Trade Union Rep for UNISON, who I am proud to say have Equality and Diversity at the heart of everything they do. I am currently the Chair of my NHS Trust’s LGBT+ Network, my UNISON Branch LGBT Officer, Wansbeck CLP LGBT Officer and most recently I have been elected as a Co-Chair for UNISON Northern Region’s LGBT Group.

I am a Mental Health nurse with 26+ years of experience. I currently work at Northumberland Crisis Team for NTW NHS Trust.

I play drums in a band and enjoy watching movies.

It was something I had discussed with peers in the past and when the opportunity arose to get involved I jumped at the chance! This could just be the proudest achievement of my life!

I work as part of the Pride Committee as a team member and team player. I give support and aid as an Ally and through this, my ambition is to spread the message and aims of Northumberland Pride to as many people of as many backgrounds, cultures and
political persuasions as I can.

My background in local government
allows me to assist in terms of networking – outreaching to
individuals and organisations who could potentially work with
Northumberland Pride to help us achieve our goals.

I have two day jobs. My paid full time job is as a Senior Valuer
working for Barter Books in Alnwick. Housed in a rather
magnificent Victorian former railway station, Barter Books is one of
the largest Second-hand/Antiquarian bookshops in the country and
home of the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster.
My other day job is as the Chair and Mayor of Amble Town
Council. I have held this post from May 2016 and am very proud to
be working on behalf of my home town of Amble

I love to get out and run as an antidote to long hours spent in committee rooms and valuing boxes of books. I am originally from Cornwall and love to be by the sea – so much of my time was spent either in it or beside it growing up in my native county. Other than that I love choral singing and have belonged to various choirs. I play guitar and in my spare time work as a volunteer for an Aid organisation at festivals such as Glastonbury and Latitude.
Apart from that I am a postgraduate with a Masters in history – my area of interest being the Levellers and their role in the English Civil War.

A fantastic opportunity to engage with our local community and throughout Northumberland. I am very excited and proud to be part of the very first Northumberland Pride.

I am responsible for the delivery of a health, fitness and wellbeing zone at the main Northumberland Pride event June 2018 also keeping a watchful eye over the general direction of factors related to health, the role also includes the usual duties and responsibilities associated being a committee member.

Worked in public health for 18 years covering a range of areas including HIV prevention, sexual health, drugs and equality diversity, prior I was a fitness instructor teaching classes across the North East region (I can still do a grapevine ha!) and I have experience serving on a board of a former LGBT charity.

Throughout the last 18 years I have supported various Pride events across the North East the main being Newcastle where I have had the privilege to be part of the Steve Paske Health Zone Working Group.

I work for the local NHS Trust as the Lead for Tobacco Control, prior to this post I was a sexual health manager for another North East NHS Trust.

Theme parks especially roller coasters are my passion as well as cars and the permanent search for a good coffee at a place to watch the world go by, I regularly train at the gym too.

Exciting and unique opportunity to work with our community across Northumberland on an inaugural Pride, the journey has started lets see where it leads!